Wode Maya, Ghanaian vlogger Screams As A Lady From Himba Tribe Offered Him Free S3x

Wode Maya

Wode Maya, a Ghanaian vlogger, has made it his mission to learn African culture and share it with the rest of the world through his YouTube channel, but his recent journey to Namibia had him screaming.

He paid a visit to the Himba people of Namibia, a community known for a variety of strange cultural traditions, including greeting visitors with sex rather than food and water, as is customary in other regions of Africa.

When you visit a Himba man, beyond food and water, he will offer you no other woman than his wife to not only spend the night but have sex with you over the night before her husband takes her back the next day.

Despite the abundance of information about the Himba people on the internet, Wode Maya chose to visit them in person to confirm their cultural traditions, ostensibly the one regarding offering sex to visitors.

According to the video he released to his YouTube page from Namibia, he received a warm welcome. He took part in some of the customs, such as how they bathe, what they eat, and how they prepare it, among other things.

Wode Maya kept his audience in the dark about how he was treated as a guest on the night of his visit. In the footage, he was shown being ministered to by women with their ‘temping’ breasts entirely exposed.

The Himba people, also known as the Ovahimba or Omhimba, are a nomadic people that dwell in Namibia’s Kunene region.

They are mostly livestock breeders and farmers, with their wives tasked with gathering firewood, preparing and serving meals, and locating freshwater.

Some of the villagers are socially inclined and very religious, admiring and worshiping their ancient gods.

Another peculiar feature of the Himba people is that they do not bathe in water. This, however, has been attributed to the region’s difficult climatic conditions.

They live in one of the harshest settings on the planet; the harsh desert climate and lack of drinkable water are the reasons this tribe struggles to bathe.

Because there is a scarcity of water, they paint red ochre to their skin and then take a daily smoke bath to keep themselves clean.

Shouldering charcoal is placed in a bowl filled with herbs, and the smoke is allowed to rise. People bow over the smoking bowl, and the heat causes the body to sweat, which aids in body cleaning.

Strangers and guests are welcomed by the Himba people, but they will not tolerate any intrusion into their culture.

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