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What is small business insurance? And How to get small business insurance easily

I'm here to tell you that this is absolutely true when it comes to small business insurance.

How to get small business insurance easily


You’ve probably heard the saying that “insurance is like buying a cup of coffee, you never know how much you’re going to need it until you need it.” I’m here to tell you that this is absolutely true when it comes to small business insurance.

In fact, most business owners don’t really understand what their needs are any more than they do with their daily cup of coffee–and that’s why getting the right coverage from the start can be so important. So let’s take a look at some common questions about small business insurance and how Simply Business can help answer them:

small business insurance

What is small business insurance?

Small business insurance is a type of coverage that protects your business from financial loss due to an unexpected event. It’s often required by banks and lenders, as well as other organizations like the government, but can be purchased at any time.

Small business insurance covers a wide variety of risks for your company, including:

  • Property damage or personal injury caused by fire or lightning;
  • Business interruption caused by natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes;
  • Losses due to theft or vandalism;
  • Environmental liabilities (including pollution);
  • Workers’ compensation claims;

Why do I need small business insurance?

Insurance is a must for any business. It protects you from financial loss and can help you get back on your feet after an accident or disaster, as well as hire more staff or open a second location.

You also need to consider how much coverage costs, since it’s not always easy to find affordable policies. If there’s too much risk involved, then it may be better to just pay out-of-pocket rather than buy insurance (though keep in mind that this could mean paying more down the road).

Types of small business insurance

Small business insurance coverage is a must for any small business. Here are some types of small business insurance you’ll need to consider:

  • General Liability Insurance

If you’re selling goods or services, general liability insurance can help protect your company from lawsuits filed by people who have been injured as a result of their purchase. This type of policy covers bodily injury, property damage and other losses caused by someone else’s actions at your store or place of employment (like slipping on ice). To find out more about what this type of policy covers, check out our article here!

  • Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability coverage protects professionals from medical malpractice lawsuits filed by patients who believe they’ve been harmed due to negligent care provided by those providing medical treatment—such as doctors and nurses. To learn more about professional liability coverages offered by various health insurers and providers like Kaiser Permanente Health Plan (KHMP), please visit our website today!

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance is a form of property insurance that protects against claims for bodily injury, property damage, or other losses that may arise from the ownership or operation of a business. It is also known as commercial general liability (CGL) insurance.

This type of cover provides protection against claims such as litigation costs and jury fees; court awards; settlement amounts; legal fees; expert witness costs and other expenses incurred in defending an action brought by another party who has suffered loss or damage as a result of your insured activity.

Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) Insurance

Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) Insurance

Professional liability insurance covers damages that you or your business may cause to other people, such as clients and employees. If a client sues you for something you did for them, professional liability coverage will pay out the cost of their lawsuit if you win it. It also pays out if someone is injured by your products or services while using them at work and they sue you over it—or even if they get hurt while using something else but claim that it was caused by what happened at your company!

You might think this sounds like an expensive way to protect yourself from lawsuits, but remember: most cases settle before going to court anyway! So why not save some money upfront? You can buy this type of insurance through an agent who specializes in helping small businesses get coverage at affordable rates.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is a type of insurance that protects your business’s assets in the event of an accident or fire. It covers all of your buildings, including their contents and other items like cars and equipment.

If you own a building or have other commercial property on land you own, then this insurance can help protect against loss caused by natural disasters such as hail damage or flooding. It also protects against theft and vandalism when it comes to buildings (and anything inside them).

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance covers vehicles used for business purposes. Some states require it, while others don’t. Most often, you’ll see commercial auto insurance referred to as fleet insurance or business automobile coverage.

The cost of this type of policy can vary a lot depending on the state, but it’s generally more expensive than personal auto coverage and should be factored into your budget when you’re looking into getting small business insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is a type of insurance that protects your business against the costs of employee injuries. In other words, if one of your employees gets hurt at work, you won’t have to pay for their medical bills and lost wages.

This can be especially important if you own a small business that employs fewer than 10 people—because they’re considered “small” under federal law (and most states), many insurers won’t sell coverage to businesses with less than $1 million in annual revenue. But don’t worry: there are several ways to get workers’ comp coverage even if it’s not offered through your state’s largest insurer.

How to get small business insurance easily with Simply Business

  • Simply Business is a UK-based company that offers small businesses insurance and other services.
  • Simply Business was founded in 2007 by Simon Turner, who has more than 20 years of experience as an insurance broker.
  • The company’s mission is to help entrepreneurs save time and money on their business needs by offering them competitive rates on all types of insurance coverage from top insurers around the world at competitive prices without having to worry about complicated paperwork or complicated claims processes.

If you’re a small business owner, you need to consider insurance.

If you’re a small business owner, you need to consider insurance. There are several reasons why insurance is important for your company:

  • It can protect your personal assets from damage or loss. For example, if someone breaks into your office and steals all of your files or equipment, this could cause significant financial hardship for you.
  • It protects against liability claims made against the company due to accidents on site (like slips and falls), damage caused by employees’ actions while working at the location (such as an injury caused by faulty equipment), as well as other accidents or incidents involving third parties who visit there during regular business hours (such as car crashes).
  • It provides legal defense coverage if someone files a lawsuit against one of its employees over an incident that happened off-site—and even if they win their case in court! This kind of protection is especially important when it comes time for settlement talks because it ensures that there will be no surprises later down the road after someone makes accusations against their boss/colleague/employee.”


There are many different types of insurance that you can purchase for your small business. It all depends on what kind of risk you want to cover and where it applies.

A good place to start is by getting a general liability policy from Simply Business and then adding any other optional coverage as required by law or state regulations. You can also add property damage/losses, workers’ compensation coverage as well as commercial auto insurance (if applicable).

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