Home Education News The Ugandan School Where Male Students Wear ‘Skirts’

The Ugandan School Where Male Students Wear ‘Skirts’

Ugandan School Where Male Students Wear 'Skirts'
Ugandan School Where Male Students Wear 'Skirts'

The sight of male students at a Ugandan school wearing “skirts” as part of the mandated uniform stirred debates on social media. People have been perplexed as to why male pupils at Nyakasura School, a coeducational boarding and day high school in Uganda’s Western region, are wearing skirts.

On the other hand, the school principal has come forward to set the record straight, alleging that people are misinterpreting the principle behind their school uniform.

The skirt-like garment is, according to the school principal, a kilt, a traditional Scottish men’s garment.

He disclosed that the school was established in 1926 by Ernest William Calwell, a Scottish missionary who arrived in the region during the colonial era.

“They are not skirts; they are referred to as Kilts because they resemble skirts and are traditionally worn by men in the Scottish culture,” he explained.

“This school has a rich history, but the history is tied to Scotland, and Colwell came to this area because of disagreements; he wanted to introduce kilts to schools, but people referred to the garments as skirts.”

Despite experiencing culture shock upon entering at the university, a Form Four student reports that he eventually adapted to the dress code after comprehending its rationale.

“When I describe my outfit and when they see students wearing kilts, they are typically surprised. The majority of the time, people comment that we dress like girls, but I don’t mind because I’ve lived with it for four years “he remarked.

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