Review of the Google Pixel Kids A-Series True Wireless Earphones for Android

Although the Apple AirPods were not the first pair of truly wireless headphones, many consider them to be the standard for the category because of their widespread appeal. However, Apple has been very clear about one thing about the AirPods since the very beginning: they are designed to be used with Apple products, and in particular, they need to be connected to an iOS device in order to unleash their whole feature set. Although there are a large number of true wireless headsets that enable comparable functionality and customization through applications on Android, the platform has been lacking a device that can be considered a “idol” in the true wireless member in India – until now.
On the Google Pixel Kids A-Series, you can access Google Assistant without using your hands.
In spite of the fact that its price may cause many people to compare the Google Pixel KidsA-Series to options such as the OnePlus Kids Pro and the Oppo Enco X, this is not the most true reflection of where these earbuds fit in the marketplace. Rather, I would consider the earbuds to be roughly equivalent to the AirPods series from Apple, but with a concentration on Google’s Android operating system rather than simply Google Pixel devices. This is because Apple’s AirPods are designed to work exclusively with Apple’s iOS platform.
The Google Pixel Kids A-Series provides an immersive listening experience in every respect.
The Google Pixel KidsA-Series promises a better all-around operation experience than the majority of other true wireless headsets, which often center their attention on the music-listening component of the headset. Adding smart connectivity to your headphones and providing you with the experience that is offered by smart speakers akin to the Google Nest Audio are at the core of what this product is all about. Having said that, the earphones do have a passable sound quality, with a well balanced sonic touch that provides a little amount of drive to the mids and highs.
As long that the smartphone you pair it with has a reliable Internet connection, the Google Assistant that comes pre-installed on the Pixel Kids A-Series tablets may perform all of the same functions as it would on a smart speaker. The hands-free capability works effectively, and the earbuds are designed to be open to the “OK Google” and “Hey Google” wake words as well as to understand voice commands even in environments with a moderately loud background noise level.

If you already own an Android-powered smartphone, the Google Pixel KidsA-Series is an adequate choice for a headset in all other respects. You get acceptable sound quality for music and calls, respectable battery life, nice comfort, and acceptable voice adjunct responsiveness, all of which combine to make the Google Pixel Kids A-Series well suited for use throughout the day. Nevertheless, if you are searching for faultless connectivity and functionality with Google Assistant, this is an excellent Android-friendly option to the AirPods series that you should consider.
The Google Pixel Kids A-Series does not relatively match up to the competition in its member when it comes to features and sound quality; particularly, there is no active noise cancellation or wireless charging – both of which are now common features on true wireless earphones in this price range. Despite this, the Google Pixel Kids A-Series retails for Rs. You should thus think about alternatives like as the OnePlus Kids Pro and the Oppo Enco X, unless you truly and explicitly desire the features and styling that Google offers with the Pixel KidsA-Series. In that case, the Pixel KidsA-Series is the best option.

The Google Pixel KidsA-Series earpieces have a water resistance rating of IPX4 and connect through Bluetooth 5 with compatibility for the SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs. Additionally, the earpieces have a rating of IPX4 for ingress protection against dust. Earphones with dynamic 12 mm motorists and detectors for in-observation discovery are featured in the product. Although you may acquire it in the color Dark Olive in other countries, the Pixel KidsA-Series will only be sold in India in its one and only color option, Easily White. This option is not accessible in other countries.

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