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Remove These Apps From Your Smartphone To Save Battery Life.


Users typically worry the most about the battery when it comes to cellphones. We begin considering various strategies to decrease energy consumption and lengthen its battery life as soon as the device is turned on, despite the fact that this is exceedingly difficult given how much these apps drain the battery

At the Google Play Store, there are innumerable apps for your Android device. Although there are services for everything, people typically download the same well-known apps. So you should take the best possible care of your smartphone’s battery. Some of them should be avoided downloading or used less frequently.

Be careful; while some of these apps are quite useful and ought to be put on our devices, others could have fatal effects for people who already have battery problems. So determine if you absolutely need them. The following is a list of the apps that use the most energy:

  • Fitbit
  • Uber
  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • Airbnb
  • Instagram
  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp

This information was gathered by the research company pCloud. To do this, they compiled a list of the programs that drain a device’s battery the fastest. The final outcome is displayed here. No matter how fantastic these platforms are, they are severely hurting battery life, claims the corporation.

In reality, these are extremely well-liked apps, and your phone may include multiple copies of them. If you don’t use it frequently, especially if you’ve had battery problems in the past, it might be more convenient for you to get rid of some since they can still use some of the energy in the background.


The research company evaluated three variables to identify the apps that used the most phone resources. The resources each app utilizes, such as the camera or location, how much battery life each app needs, and whether dark mode is available.

By combining the findings of these three variables, they were able to identify which of the 100 most popular apps is the most demanding and label them the ultimate phone killers.

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