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Ono And Macomics Work Together To Create A Cancer Treatment


The alliance will advance cancer treatment using macrophage-targeting antibodies.
As part of a global drug discovery collaboration with Ono Pharmaceutical, Macomics, a business specializing in macrophage drug discovery, has made the announcement.
In order to treat cancer, the team will create innovative immuno-oncology antibody medicines that target an unique macrophage target.
In accordance with the agreement, Macomics will use their ENIGMACTM macrophage drug discovery platform to find antibody candidates against the novel target of interest. The candidates will have the sole opportunity to license global rights to Ono for further commercialization and development during this time.

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To find new targets and unlock disease-specific target biology, Macomics’ ENIGMAC macrophage drug discovery platform combines massive amounts of human data, personalized cell models, and its own human macrophage genome editing technology.
In accordance with the conditions, Macomics will also get a down payment, funding for research and development, success-based milestone payments, tier-based royalties depending on worldwide sales, and other benefits.
Targeting macrophages in immune-oncology is emerging as an interesting area with considerable possibilities to produce novel medicines to enhance cancer outcomes and to change the lives of cancer patients, according to Toichi Takino, executive director, discovery and development at Ono.

“We are happy to cooperate with Macomics on moving this innovative target discovery initiative forward,” he continued, “especially given the potency of its macrophage platform and drug discovery strategy.”

At his conclusion, Macomics CEO Stephen Myatt said: “Our international partnership with Ono is testament to our robust program portfolio, as well as the distinctive enablement afforded by our ENIGMAC discovery platform, and our world class R&D team. We are happy to have Ono as a partner who has the complementing capabilities required to thrive in this therapeutic area. Ono is a leader in immuno-oncology.

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