Nuwa May Be The First Human Settlement In Mars

The projected city on Mars would have a population of 250,000 people. Plans are already in the works to establish a sustainable settlement on Mars as humanity continue to study the planet.

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The ABIBOO architecture practice, which has offices all over the world, including two in the United States, presented the plans. Nuwa, the capital of the Tempe Mensa region of Mars, will be erected vertically rather than horizontally, on the side of a cliff, to reduce the effects of atmospheric pressure and radiation, the latter of which is necessary to live without shelte.

On the surface of Mars, we have carbon dioxide and water, which ABIBOO intends to employ to help generate steel and build solely from local materials, which makes it sustainable. All of the pillars of a city on Earth, such as residences, offices, and green spaces, would be present in the city. The space designs are based on The Mars Society’s and the SONet network’s scientific study.

We had to undertake a lot of computer-based study and collaborate with scientists to figure out what the circumstances would be,” Alfredo Muoz, the founder of ABIBOO, told Euronews. Those who wish to live in the city of Mars, on the other hand, should pass the desire on to their children and grandchildren; construction is not expected to begin until 2054, and move-in is unlikely to occur before 2100.

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The majority of the construction activity takes place inside the cliff, with “macro-buildings” carved into the cliff’s granite. Green domes will also be built, which will serve as parks for people or as a location to try to grow experimental plants.

Crop production would be the city’s primary source of food, accounting for nearly half of the population’s diet. Microalgae would also play an important role in people’s diets. People will be able to engage in much of the same recreational activities that they do on Earth, such as sports, camping, and crafts.

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