Manchester City Unveil Their Smart Connected Scarf

As the new season begins, clubs are releasing not just new uniforms, streetwear, and training wear, but also new souvenir products and unique pieces of merchandising.

In this regard, Manchester City are the most recent to innovate, as they have introduced a stylish scarf to the market.

This is a scarf that has a biometric sensor embedded into it, and it can track things like your heart rate, body temperature, and emotional responses.

It has been designed with the intention of measuring the highs and lows experienced by their fans, as well as how the game impacts them not just emotionally but also physically.

Recent matches saw the intelligent scarf put to the test.
The ‘EmotiBit’ biosensor, which has been placed around the wearer’s neck and was designed by the Octagon agency in collaboration with the club’s technology partner Cisco, is incorporated into the scarf, which was manufactured by the Octagon agency. The data collected by the biosensor is kept anonymous.

During the final games of the previous season, Manchester City put the technology through its paces in a series of trials.

Fans of Six City were given the opportunity to participate in a trial study that would test the new technology. During the course of the game’s 90 minutes, they managed to get more than 120 interesting moments on camera.

In addition, supporters of New York City FC, the club’s United States-based sister team, will be able to purchase the scarf as well.

The remark made by Manchester City regarding their high-tech scarf
According to a statement released by the club, “the scarf has been the supreme symbol of football fanaticism for for than a hundred years.”

“It’s seen the highs and the lows; and captures the blood, sweat and tears of fans, week in and week out.

“Now, together with our partner Cisco, we are excited to share an innovative upgrade to the scarf that allows us to measure those ups and downs and get a better understanding of the emotion at the heart of the world’s beautiful game.”

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