First there is this village called Effia founded by the Ahantas about 400 years ago. Then in the early 1800’s, some fantes from Cape Coast who were escaping from the slave trade came to Takoradi and settled near this village and called the place Effia-kuma meaning small Effia, or junior Effia.

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In the fante language, kuma means small or junior. Then came the northerners from Tamale and Bolagatanga, they settled near the fantes and their portion was called Effia-kuma Zongo.

The Ewes came later and also settled down at Effia-kuma and their portion was named Effia-kuma Number Nine (Ghana had nine regions at that time and the Volta Region where these Ewes came from was the ninth Region to be added, that’s why the name number nine).

The krobos from Somanya came next. They rented houses at Effia-kuma Zongo and started running prostitution centers known as Krobo Line which still exists today.

The Ashants came next in 1940-45 and mingled with all tribes doing trades like shoe repairing, tailoring, and provisions selling.
Effia-kuma continued to expand, and today it is the largest surburb of

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