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Countries That Has Been Banned By TikTok


Although it may appear that China is the only nation concerned about TikTok ownership, worries over the ByteDance-owned app have fast spread throughout the world. More than half a dozen nations have approved full or partial bans on TikTok on official devices in the past few months, increasing pressure on the well-known app to sever all ties with its parent company business in China.

When Taiwan, which is constantly on high alert regarding China’s intentions, forbade government personnel from using the app on official devices in December, a wave of new bans followed. The American House of Representatives outlawed TikTok in the same month on equipment used by members and staff.

TikTok bans have started to appear in government buildings across Europe this year, and the European Commission, the executive arm of the 27-nation European Union, has forbidden its nearly 32,000 employees from using it. The U.K., ever the contrarian, initially said it was letting people make their own decisions before changing its mind and banning TikTok as well.

To find out which nations have thus far outlawed TikTok, click through.

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