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Christians Are Not Romantic- Lawyer Nti jokes


Richmond Xavier Amoakoh, a prominent comic actor and writer from Ghana known as Lawyer Nti for his part in the popular TV show Kejetia vs. Makola, has playfully admitted that Christians are not at all alluring and romantic.

The well-known comedian said this in an interview with Sika Osei last week on the Lynx TV program “Stripped by Sika Osei.”

The actor, who was asked by Sika Osei to make a toast while being a little seductive and romantic by gazing into her eyes, jokingly responded that he was a Christian and couldn’t do that.

He acknowledged that Christians are not seductive romantics in response to the question, “Are Christians not romantic?”

Laywer Nti went on to say that he is a shy person who is a different person when he is not working.

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