Chelsea Offer €70m Plus Player For Frenkie De Jong

There is a little less than a month left until the end of the summer transfer window. Clubs still have the opportunity to capitalize on this window of opportunity by making player acquisitions. Both Barcelona and Chelsea have not yet finished putting together their respective teams, so there may be some movement in the coming days.

There have been discussions going on between the Catalans and Chelsea for some time. Both Barcelona and Chelsea have shown interest in Marcos Alonso and Frenkie de Jong, although Barca’s preference is for Alonso.

For an asking price of 80 million euros, Barca is eager to sell De Jong. The difficulty arises from the fact that the player’s top priority is to remain. Barca has made it quite clear that he is free to remain with the club if he is willing to take a pay cut. In the event that this does not occur, he will be forced to decide between the offers that have come from Chelsea and Manchester United, two clubs that have shown interest in him.

The Dutchman is currently being tried to be convinced by the Londoners that Stamford Bridge is his best choice. According to ‘Sport,’ Chelsea’s goal is to get Barcelona to drop their asking price of 80 million euros down to 70 million. The plan calls for Marcos Alonso to be a part of the transaction. In other words, the defender is valued at 10 million Euros by Chelsea Football Club.

Both Barcelona and Chelsea are interested in resolving this issue as quickly as they can. La Liga is ready to begin, and Xavi wants to know if he can count on De Jong for the 2022-23 season, thus the Spanish side has asked De Jong for a response to this question.

Chelsea is aware that it will be challenging to obtain a response of “yes” from De Jong. The Catalan newspaper claims that the player is currently evaluating his options in light of the possibility that he will have to take a wage cut in order to continue playing for Barcelona. If the terms are not to his liking, then he might consider playing for Tuchel’s team instead.

In the meantime, Marcos Alonso is holding out for something. As a result, he has requested that the club not include him in the team for the first Premier League game, which will be played against Everton. His focus is currently elsewhere.

As of right now, it has been reported by ‘Sport’ that he does not have a full agreement with the Catalans over his contract, which means that he still has a lot of negotiating to do. It is very evident that Barcelona will make all effort possible to sign him and bring him to the Camp Nou.

In the event that the transfer of De Jong is unsuccessful, Barcelona will look into signing Alonso on his own. He might join Xavi’s team for a price of about 10 million dollars.

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