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Arrival Car Resembles A Futuristic Fiat Multipla For Ride Hailing

Ride hailing is a future fiat multipla will continue to grow in popularity rendering regular taxi cabs obsolete (30+ million ride hailing drivers worldwide) creating a growing demand for vehicles created expressly for this purpose. Arrival is attempting to enter this market with a new hatchback/minivan designed with input from Uber (as well as Uber drivers).

Arrival claims to already have a working prototype and plans to begin testing it in 2022. The Arrival Car is a tall, boxy minivan that manages to seem hip rather than ungainly, despite its proportions being similar to those of the Fiat Multipla, a vehicle not noted for its aesthetic characteristics.

Another Multipla-esque architectural characteristic is the large windows, which, combined with the practically full-length panoramic glass roof, make the cabin feel light and spacious. This was certainly a priority, as evidenced by the vehicle’s shape and design elements.

Despite the fact that testing will begin in 2022, Arrival has not stated when it wants to debut the Car, however it will most certainly be before 2025. The official press release contains no technical information about it, however the company quotes Jamie Heywood, Regional General Manager for Northern and Eastern Europe at Uber, as saying.

The arrival of the Arrival Car is a thrilling moment for Uber drivers, who are transitioning to electric vehicles at a much faster rate than the general public. Uber drivers have been collaborating with Arrival to provide comments on the design of the industry’s first purpose-built, totally electric vehicle. This innovative new vehicle will assist to promote a green recovery and clean up urban transportation by supporting our ambition to have all cars on the app in London be 100% electric by 2025.

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