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All UEW Student Must Complete These Top 10 Action If They Want To Enjoy Their Stay On Campus This Semester

The ten essential actions listed below will help students enjoy their time on campus.


1. Try not to become so engrossed in your mobile devices and other technology that you completely miss other important things happening in your immediate environment.

2. Never walk alone at night and at obscure places. Ensure that you are always in groups.

3. Make sure you become familiar with campus landmarks and streets to enable you navigate your way around campus.

4. Always have emergency contacts on you or on your device and if you carry your planner, list your important emergency contact               numbers and information on it.

5. Consider carrying a whistle or taking a self-defense course, because they may become handy in case of physical attack.

6. To avoid being robbed by taxi drivers, use only designated licensed taxis.

7. Never allow anyone you don’t know into your residence hall or room. Intruders may take advantage and steal your property.

8. Always tell someone where you are going and let you neigbours know when you return.

9. Keep your car windows up and locked, and periodically check on your car if you don’t drive it often.

10. If you feel threatened, report immediately to the Campus Security

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