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50 Chinese women listed in Forbes Women in Tech 2021

On Monday, the Chinese edition of Forbes published its list of “Women in Tech 2021,” which includes 50 Chinese women.

The list aims to spotlight outstanding women and their remarkable achievements in science and technology in China, and also highlight women’s diversity and inclusiveness, as well as their great driving force and influence on science and technology innovation, sustainability and economic growth, said Forbes China.

The 50 Chinese women in the list not only have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a profound background in science and technology, but are also good at using their unique tenacity to bring a different and innovative perspective to science and technology.

According to the magazine, the average age of the 50 women is 38.38, with the oldest being 79 and the youngest 32. Among them, 26 percent have a bachelor’s degree, 40 percent master’s degrees, 34 percent doctorates, and 24 percent experience studying abroad.

Moreover, 60 percent of the 50 are in the pharmaceutical and technology sectors, while 80 percent of them work in domestic companies with 20 percent in startups and 74 percent in listed companies.

Chen Wei, a military biomedical expert and academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, leads a team that is collaborating with CanSino Biologics Inc on the development of a recombinant vaccine that only requires one shot and has conditional market approval. According to the magazine, this signifies China’s scientific and technological strength has reached a world-class level.

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