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13 People Killed By A Bus, Bomb In Northern Pakistan Including 9 Chinese Engineers

13 People Killed By A Bus

Following a catastrophic bomb on a bus headed to the Dasu hydropower plant in northern Pakistan, at least 13 people have died, including Chinese engineers and Pakistani soldiers. More than 30 persons were hurt as a result of the accident.

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The bus burst on Wednesday at around 7:30 a.m. local time (2:30 a.m. GMT), killing at least 13 passengers, including nine Chinese engineers, two Pakistani military, and two other local inhabitants. The workmen were being transported to the hydroelectric Dasu Dam in the Kohistan District by the van.

“The bus slid into a steep ravine following the blast, causing heavy losses,” a senior government official told Reuters. The search and rescue operation has begun, and the whole government apparatus has been activated to transport the injured by air ambulance.” The injured were transferred to the Dasu Rural Health Center to be treated.




It’s unclear whether the explosion was caused by a roadside bomb or if a detonating device was planted inside the bus.

The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan issued an emergency statement in response to the attack, saying, “Recently, personnel of a project of our company in Pakistan were attacked, resulting in injuries among our citizens.” The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan has issued an urgent warning to Chinese residents, businesses, and projects in Pakistan. pay special attention to the local security situation [and] improve project personnel’s safety.” Beijing has also demanded that Pakistan probe the attack’s origins.

The Dasu hydropower project is a multibillion-dollar collaborative enterprise as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The dam has been in the works since 2017, with construction beginning in 2020 and completion projected in 2025.

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